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By Dr. Jesús Alberto Félix Atondo

Couples who do not manage to carry a pregnancy to term, either because spontaneous abortions have occurred or because they cannot conceive, usually have many doubts about when it is time to go to a fertility specialist and which of these specialists they should consult.

Although we often think of a pregnancy as something easy to achieve, the reality is that fertility rates have fallen in recent decades, which means that women around the world have fewer children compared to women over 30 years ago, and this decline in fertility has particularly affected first-world countries.

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When to go to a fertility specialist?

  • Women who have not become pregnant after one year of unprotected sex with their partner and are under the age of 35.
  • Women who have not been pregnant after six months of unprotected sex and are 35 years of age or older.
  • Women who have had two or more miscarriages.
  • Men or women interested in a permanent contraceptive method such as vasectomy or fallopian tube ligation.
  • Men or women who have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking to preserve their fertility before treatments, or who are ready to conceive after treatment.
  • Men or women who try to conceive knowing they have factors known as infertility symptoms, such as irregular menstrual cycles, genetic conditions, gonads malfunction (male or female) who have had sexually transmitted infections, among others.


Which fertility specialist should you go to?

Usually, people consult a general practitioner and go to a gynecologist or urologist for the treatment of reproductive and urinary system diseases, but when an infertility problem occurs they do not know who´s the specialist they should go to.


Reproductive biologist

This specialty treats hormonal action mechanisms at a molecular level, studying aspects such as infertility, endocrinology and human embryology. It is the specialist for the process of, implantation and preimplantation of embryos, preeclampsia treatment and recurrent spontaneous abortions.


Reproductive endocrinologists

A reproductive endocrinologist (RE) is the most consulted fertility specialist for both male and female infertility treatment, especially when the conditions are related to the gonads (testicles and ovaries) and glands.
RE´s administer and prescribe fertility tests and treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Artificial Insemination (AI), ovarian or sperm cryopreservation, among other Assisted Reproduction methods.



The andrologist is the urology specialist who completed additional training in male fertility, and can perform sperm count analysis, treat reproductive infections, testicular torsion, erectile dysfunction, undescended testicles to treat the male problem so that your partner can conceive without an Assisted Reproduction treatment. They also perform sperm extraction for cryopreservation that will be used in AI or IVF treatments.

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Reproductive Surgeon

The reproductive surgeon, as the name suggests, performs surgeries to treat other conditions that affect fertility such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, vasectomy reversal or fallopian tube ligation. This fertility specialist may have primary training in urology or gynecology.


Reproductive immunologist

This reproductive specialist combines autoimmune diseases treatments with those of reproductive medicine and is usually consulted for endometriosis cases, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, recurrent miscarriage, repeated failures of unexplained IVF cycles or infertility for no apparent reason.


Specialists in fertility clinics

Usually a fertility specialist works in collaboration with other specialists in a fertility clinic, where you can find andrologists, endocrinologists or reproductive immunologists, as well as embryologists, sonographers, psychotherapists and laboratory technicians to comprehensively treat the conditions presented by their patients. At The Fertility Center you can learn more about infertility diagnosis, and you will find the fertility specialist you need to fulfill your dream of having a baby, or even if you’re interested in becoming an egg donor in Mexico. Contact us and receive the benefits of timed intercourse cycle, cost of IVF in Tijuana or intrauterine insemination!


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