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The Importance of Psychological Counseling in Cancer Patients Seeking Fertility Preservation

By Dr. Jesús Alberto Félix Atondo

More than 80,000 adults of childbearing age will be diagnosed with cancer in 2024 in the United States alone. Not only will they face cancer treatment choices, but they will also need to make decisions about fertility treatments before chemotherapy. The importance of psychological counseling in cancer patients seeking fertility preservation has become a major focus in the medical community.


Psychological Counseling is Essential

Fertility preservation is important to anyone wishing to conceive later in life. Psychologically, it is all some cancer patients, and survivors can think about when they are married and want to have a family. Younger patients who are single may not have given it much thought, which is what makes counseling all the more essential.

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No cancer, patient, or situation is the same. Cancer doesn’t pick its victims by color, age, or gender. Counseling is individualized based on your sex, situation, the type and stage of your cancer. Your psychological counseling is a reflection of your situation, fertility hopes for your future, and your current mental health needs.

Cancer affects your physical and, most importantly, your mental health. Having a team of mental health specialists to assist you in your journey is worth its weight in gold!


Comprehensive Treatment of Cancer Patients

Patients needing counseling want a comprehensive approach. Providing comprehensive mental health counseling while our patients seek fertility solutions before, during, and after surviving cancer is the most compassionate treatment option.

It is important that a fertility expert be involved in this process. Most individuals have no knowledge of fertility preservation or options that include cryopreservation (freezing) of sperm, eggs, female tissue, and embryos. Nor have they given any thought to how chemotherapy can directly affect their reproductive organs.

A consultation with a fertility expert and their care team will walk you through the oncofertility choices, explain how they may affect you, and what you can do to preserve your fertility during your chemo treatments.

While your team will be empathetic to your situation and ask how you are doing mentally, having someone to discuss the stress you are under and the anxiety you feel as you move through your cancer journey is more suited to a mental health specialist who understands cancer and fertility.

This comprehensive approach to cancer treatment has been shown to be the most effective treatment of cancer mentally and physically!


Why Psychological Counseling is Needed

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. The stress it puts on you and your spouse, family members, and relationships is very real. Add to this conflicting body image, low to no libido, the loss of sexual connection with a spouse or life partner, and the anxiety, fear of the unknown, and wondering if you are going to survive this fight.

Cancer treatments are expensive with insurance, but without insurance, it can be catastrophic. Juggling all these emotional issues feels insurmountable. Psychological therapy will help you sort through your fears and anxiety as you make important choices about your cancer and fertility.

Imagine having to deal with all these worries, take care of your health, and keep appointments, treatments, and everyday life needs in order while dealing with cancer. Then add your fertility worries on top of all this. The need to keep yourself mentally healthy is essential for a positive outcome!

The fertility specialists at The Fertility Center in Mexico offer compassionate, comprehensive oncofertility care. We understand that cancer and fertility go hand in hand and support your need for high-quality care and cryopreservation needs. We want all our patients to receive the best care and offer reasonable rates that are much less than the US.

All consultations begin with an evaluation. Fill out this form to start your evaluation. Timing is important when dealing with cancer and cryopreservation!

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