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Infertility Awareness Month 2022

By Dr. Jesús Alberto Félix Atondo

It is infertility awareness month 2022. Did you know that infertility is a common issue that affects both men and women? In fact, one in every eight couples experiences difficulty conceiving.

The purpose of the infertility awareness month is to improve the lives of thousands of people who did not achieve their dream of starting a family due to a lack of scientific information. During this month, different myths about infertility are debunked, and many options are brought to those looking to conceive. A lot of infertility causes can be overcome! All that is needed is just fertility specialists with a supportive team and a mixture of love and science.  

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History Of Infertility Awareness

Infertility is employed for those who can’t conceive and women who didn’t achieve pregnancy. While it can be difficult for those experiencing it, it is so common that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized it as a worldwide health issue.

Studies and reports by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention indicate that there are approximately one million couples in the U.S who can’t conceive even after a year of trying. Because of this, couples over the age of +35 must schedule a consultation during pregnancy. So people begin to know about infertility and find treatments that may help cure or solve fertility issues. 

This is the main reason why World Infertility Awareness Month was created.


Why Is World Infertility Awareness Month Important?

  • It increases awareness on infertility issues. Many couples don’t know they are infertile. This month’s purpose is to alert them of problems that may arise and how they can prepare and solve them. 


  • Introduces options and solutions. A lot of people keep trying to conceive for a year before they find there might be a problem; June provides solutions for infertility that couples can choose. 


  • It is a way to give hope. The month shows many people facing infertility issues. A solution can be heard, and if couples don’t give up and continue to try different options such as visiting fertility specialists and looking for procedures such as IVF and IUI, they can achieve their dream.



Which Fertility Treatments Exist?

Some of the most popular and effective treatments are:

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most influential and popular assisted reproduction methods due to its high success rates (65 – 95%). With this technique, egg fertilization occurs in a laboratory; the resulting embryo is transferred into the woman’s uterus, allowing pregnancy. IVF offers a chance at parenthood to couples who would otherwise be unable to conceive due to infertility problems such as blocked or absent fallopian tubes or low sperm counts.

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). It consists of the deposit of previously prepared sperm inside the uterine cavity, without sexual contact, to achieve pregnancy during the fertility period of the recipient woman. The sample preparation improves the spermatozoa conditions and, with it, the probability of achieving a successful pregnancy is increased.


  • Egg donation is a technique in which one woman (donor) delivers the eggs to another (recipient) in order that the second can have a child. This donation can be altruistic by a friend, relative, or sister to maintain the physical and genetic characteristics of the family, or it can be by an unknown person through professional service and through remuneration.


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 Our team at The Fertility Center fully supports the need for education and awareness to promote understanding and empathy. We are the ones to choose to achieve your dream of starting a family.


Interesting Facts About Infertility

  1. Having a healthy weight increases your chances of conceiving. Being overweight can impact a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.  
  2. A woman’s lifestyle, including smoking or excessive drinking, can affect fertility. 
  3. Medical conditions such as Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can affect the chances of having a baby.
  4. Over 10% of women in the United States under the age of 45 have fertility issues. 
  5. Not only are women infertile, but men can also go through infertility, commonly by low levels of sperm. 
  6. A study published in Human Reproduction Update found that male fertility has declined by 52,4% over the past few decades. 

How To Celebrate Infertility Awareness Month 2022

  1. Visit the fertility specialists. If you have been trying to conceive, you can celebrate awareness by visiting a specialist with your partner. Fertility specialists can help you in achieving your dream.
  2. Spread Awareness. Spread awareness by sharing articles or posts on social media and encouraging people to see a fertility specialist. You can also wear orange. Since it is the infertility awareness color, you can share or create something interesting for social media. 
  3. Help a friend or family member. If you have a friend or family member who’s been trying to conceive but hasn’t achieved it, use this month as an excuse to schedule an appointment.   
  4. Attend an infertility awareness month event. If you find out there’s going to be an infertility awareness celebration you could go to support, your presence could mean something strong for someone who needs it.
  5. Talk and share about your personal experiences with infertility. Sure, most of us understand how it is to struggle to achieve pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that we fully comprehend the challenges that day by day a lot of women have to face.

Infertility Awareness Month is an important time for couples and individuals who are struggling to conceive. This month provides a platform for fertility specialists to share solutions and facts about infertility. There are many options available for those seeking treatment, and with the help of a supportive team, most causes of infertility can be overcome. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we hope that you will visit us soon so that we can help you achieve your dream of starting a family. Ask about our best services such as timed intercourse cycle and IVF in Tijuana.

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