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Is Egg Freezing For You?

By Dr. Jesús Alberto Félix Atondo

Egg Freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is a fertility preservation option that allows women to freeze their eggs for future use. This procedure has gained popularity recently as more women delay motherhood for many reasons, such as career goals or personal growth. However, egg freezing is only for some since other fertility treatments can be more suitable for those dreaming of starting a family. 

Today our fertility specialists will discuss some factors to consider when deciding if egg freezing is proper for you.  

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Factors To Consider For Egg Freezing


  • Age. The age at which a woman freezes her eggs is crucial in determining the procedure’s success. Women who freeze their eggs at a younger age have a higher chance of success, as their eggs are typically of better quality and have a higher chance of survival after thawing. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASMR) and our experienced doctors recommend that women freeze their eggs before age 35 for better results. 

  • Fertility. Egg freezing is a viable option for those women who want to preserve their fertility for the future. However, not all of them are good candidates for the procedure; women with a low ovarian reserve (meaning they have a low number of eggs may not be good candidates for egg freezing) but yes to other fertility treatments such as IVF or intrauterine insemination

  • Personal goals. The decision to freeze your eggs is personal and depends on your life goals. If having a little piece of sunshine is your dream, but you feel you are not ready to start a family yet, egg freezing may be a great option. If unsure about your motherhood plan, contact our Fertility Clinic Tijuana to check the best options. 

  • Cancer patients. Many women with cancer are choosing to preserve their fertility through egg freezing. Chemotherapy and radiation could harm ovaries and reduce a woman’s ovarian reserve. 

  • Family history of early menopause. A woman with a family medical history of early menopause or the complete loss of ovarian function before age 40 would be a good candidate. 



Are There Any Medical Risks?

As with any medical procedure, egg freezing carries certain risks. The medications used to stimulate the ovaries can cause side effects such as bloating, discomfort, and mood changes. There is also a small risk of infection or bleeding during the egg retrieval phase. However, the risks associated with egg freezing are low, and along with our high-skilled specialists, the procedure is considered safe and effective.


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How Is Egg Freezing Done?


  • Ovarian stimulation. Once the woman has decided to keep her eggs, our specialist will administer hormones to stimulate the ovaries, mature several follicles simultaneously, and have more eggs. This process, which lasts about 10 to 12 days, is monitored through a vaginal ultrasound to determine if they necessary are being obtained and if their size and number are adequate.

  • Stimulation of ovulation. Through hormones, our specialists will stimulate ovulation, preparing them for extraction.

  • Egg retrieval. The specialist will extract the eggs using puncture to select the mature eggs later. 


  • Preparation. The extracted eggs are dipped in a sucrose solution to eliminate the water they contain, preventing crystals from forming during freezing. 


  • Immersion in liquid nitrogen. Once prepared, eggs are placed in the tube-shaped container and then immersed in the nitrogen, freezing in seconds. 


When eggs are frozen, they can remain in the lab until you decide what to do with them; you can use or donate them. When the decision is made to use them, the devitrification process will be reversed and fertilized with sperm (from the partner or donor). 



Egg Freezing Success Rate

Egg freezing allows more than 90% of the cells to be kept intact, so a success rate is similar to IVF.


How Much Does Egg Freezing Cost?

At The Fertility Center, egg freezing costs $6,600.


Egg freezing is a viable option for women who want to preserve their fertility; the decision to freeze your eggs is a personal one that depends on many factors. While the procedure is not for everyone, it can provide the calm you need while you prepare for the dream of starting a family; our fertility specialists will stay with you in every part of your journey. Contact us to schedule an appointment!Ask about our best services such as preimplantation genetic test in Tijuana, timed intercourse cycle or IVF in Mexico.

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