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Preparation for the IUI Procedure to Increase Your Chances

By Dr. Jesús Alberto Félix Atondo

IUI can be very intense. The truth is that preparation for the IUI procedure to increase your chances is a great idea. It can also be the difference between the procedure’s success or failure. Preparing mentally and physically can increase your chances of becoming pregnant.



Mental Preparation for an IUI

When preparing for an IUI, positive mental health goes a long way. Getting caught up in your cycle, the procedure itself, and anxiety about the outcome is easy. You may find yourself asking, “How can I increase my chances of successful IUI?” Preparing mentally and physically will give you the best chance at success.

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Learning to cope with the stress and anxiety throughout this time will help keep you mentally balanced and less anxious. But how do you mentally prepare for your first IUI procedure?

Get Your Questions Answered

At your initial visit, ask questions. Bring a notebook and write down key things you are told and questions you need answered. Make sure your partner is there. Often, they have questions, and this visit is the perfect time to get everything out in the open and increase your understanding of the procedure and what to expect after the procedure.

If questions come to mind after the visit, call the doctor’s office and ask them. Your doctor and their staff are a terrific resource for you to use.

Create Your Support Circle

When preparing for IUI, a support circle is vital. Surround yourself with family and friends who will emotionally support you through the stress, anxiety, and ups and downs of IUI. Support comes in many forms: good listeners, a shoulder to cry on, and people who understand when you need a distraction or some space.

Many couples find fertility support groups very helpful. These groups are couples going through the same things you are. They have a hands-on understanding of what you are going through.

Learn to Relax

Relaxing sounds so easy, but it is harder than you think when you are under a lot of stress. Some wonderful apps, books, and CDs offer relaxation guidance. Meditation, guided breathing exercises, and guided imagery provide ways to channel that negative energy into positive feelings.

Keep a Journal

Many people find writing down their feelings and thoughts very soothing. Getting your views, whether negative or positive, down on paper and out of your head is enough for some. Others find writing 3 -5 positive things that happened each day helps maintain their positivity!

Embrace Distraction

IUI is intense. Distractions will help you take your focus off all the medical stuff and give you time to be yourself for a while. Distracting yourself is as easy as watching a movie, dancing to your favorite playlist, or having lunch with family and friends.

You will find that as you do things that bring you pleasure and keep you from dwelling on your infertility. You will feel more in control of your life and easily accept some of the things you have less or no control of.

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Communicate with Your Partner

While no couple wants to talk about IUI all the time, it is important that you and your partner set aside some time daily to connect on how you are feeling. Sharing your fears and positivity with your partner will bring you closer together. It will also ensure a healthy shared experience.

Have a Plan for the Outcome

Having a plan for the day you receive your pregnancy test results is important. Success may take some time. Preparing to do some things that will help you get through a rough time will help keep you focused on future treatments and a positive outcome.

A plan will help you work through the emotions and maintain your mental health!


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Physically Preparing for IUI

Physically, preparing for an IUI is just as important as your mental health. You want to be in the best health possible and physically ready for the demands of IUI and pregnancy. How do you prepare for your first IUI?

Eliminate Unhealthy Habits

If you smoke or drink, now is the time to stop. Smoking can reduce your chances of conception. The quality of your egg and sperm is affected by smoking. Replace alcohol-based drinks with healthy options like juice, milk, and water. Avoid products with THC and cannabis. Stopping any behavior that would be unhealthy for a fetus is a terrific way of preparing for an IUI.

Avoid Sex

The key to a successful IUI is having the procedure during ovulation. Avoid sex two to three days before the procedure. Males should not ejaculate during those three days.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

While you want to exercise, avoid strenuous exercise. Low-impact exercise like swimming, yoga, or walking is just as effective. Continue exercising regularly. It is great for you physically and mentally!

Eat Healthy

Make healthy food choices! Swap out fried foods for baked or broiled options. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. As a woman, you are preparing your body to carry a baby. Ensure your calorie intake is sufficient, and you eat foods supporting your baby’s health.

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