Maternal-Fetal Medicine

What is Maternal-Fetal Medicine?


Maternal-fetal medicine is responsible for providing adequate monitoring during pregnancy. Pregnant women, either naturally or through fertility treatment, should undergo regular check-ups with a specialist in prenatal care.

Health care during pregnancy includes:

  • Preconception care.
  • Genetic screening, ultrasound, and prenatal diagnosis.
  • Labor and delivery.
  • Pregnancy problems (birth defects and fetal complications).
  • Postpartum care.

We are ready to help you in the process of creating a family to make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy, with your baby developing correctly throughout the months.


Prenatal Diagnosis Tests and Screening


1st Trimester Prenatal Screening

A prenatal diagnosis to rule out chromosomal abnormalities in fetus development, performed between 11.5 and 14 weeks to indicate if your pregnancy is at higher chance of down syndrome or trisomy 18 (trisomies are a frequent cause of abortion in the first trimestrer). 5% of all pregnancies are at risk for these anomalies, a 1st trimester prenatal screening can detect approximately 85% of them.

The diagnosis generally includes:

  • Blood test: Measures the presence of biochemical markers (hormones) in the mother’s blood.
  • Ultrasound: Measures the nuchal fold thickness, that is, the area of tissue at the back on an unborn baby’s neck – this special ultrasound is called nuchal translucency test.


2nd Trimester Prenatal Screening

Involves an ultrasound examination of the fetus, usually done at around 20 weeks gestation. The level of biochemical markers in the pregnant woman’s blood is measured to detect the risk of certain fetal abnormalities such as:

  • Spinal cord defects (spina bifida).
  • Congenital malformations of the abdominal wall.
  • Miscarriages, fetal growth disorders, and early fetal death, among others.


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