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The Fertility Center is part of the Life & Wellness Medical Group, the network of high-level clinics in Tijuana, Mexico that offers comprehensive health, beauty and wellness services at NewCity Medical Plaza, the most important medical complex in Latin America.


The Dental District

The Dental District is a state-of-the-art dental clinic, equipped with the latest technology for precision dentistry.

Its specialists are recognized for their exceptional work on dental implants, oral rehabilitation, and veneers. Its strategic location – just 3 minutes away from the El Chaparral border crossing – has made it one of the favorite dental clinics for patients in Southern California.



Bellphoria is a comprehensive beauty and wellness clinic where you can find the best dermatology, aesthetic medicine, plastic and bariatric surgery treatments in Tijuana.

The clinic also houses a showroom where patients can find a wide variety of clinical skin and hair products, as well as self-care brands.



Hairfix is a hair grafting clinic that provides advanced hair restoration services to treat and correct alopecia in men and women, through hair, beard and eyebrow transplants, as well as mesotherapy, treatments whose objective is to give the patient back a mane of hair. strong, dense and healthy – all this carried out by certified doctors in internationally renowned institutions under the highest quality standards.


Quartz Hotel & Spa

Quartz Hotel & Spa offers accommodations designed around the well-being of its clients, with different amenities to guarantee their visit to Tijuana is the best possible experience.

Developed to complement NewCity Medical Plaza, recovering and being close to your health center has never been easier. In Quartz, you’ll feel like home!



ProgenCell is a medical clinic that offers stem cell therapies to treat autoimmune diseases and other conditions, such as spinal cord injury, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 1 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cancer, among others.

It has received multiple awards from prestigious medical institutions and serves patients from all over the world.


NewCity Medical Plaza

NewCity Medical Plaza is the most important medical tourism complex in Latin America, where certified doctors of various specialties offer their services to patients from Mexico, the United States, and Canada, as well as international visitors.

This amazing tower has the first wellness hotel in Baja California, a luxurious gastronomic area known as “The Park”, and art boutiques, among other amenities, just 500 meters away from the border.


Atelier Dental Lab

Atelier Dental Lab fabricates the highest quality dental prosthetics. With more than 15 years of experience, its skilled and specialized technicians work with the latest digital technology to create different types of restorative pieces.

Crowns, dentures, retainers, and much more: Atelier Dental Lab works closely with the top dental clinics in Tijuana, offering the best prices, fast deliveries, and precise results.


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