Timed Intercourse

If, as a couple, you are ready for your first baby and are trying different methods, then timed intercourse can be for you, as it is a simple way to help you know when’s the best time to have sex aiming to get pregnant.


What is Timed Intercourse?

Time intercourse – also known as programmed intercourse – is a method where the ovulation period is synchronized with the sexual relations of the couple. The fertile period of the woman is optimized with the use of medications that stimulate the production of ovules.


When Is Timed Intercourse Recommended?

Timed intercourse is an alternative when:

  • The woman suffers from ovulatory or glandular disorders.
  • Lack of ovulation (anovulation).
  • Couples who are not ready for artificial insemination techniques or surgical infertility treatments.


How Does Timed Intercourse Work?

Before starting any fertility treatment, the doctor will make a diagnosis based on different medical studies. For women, these usually include blood tests and an ultrasound to evaluate the state of the ovaries and the reproductive structure; in the case of men, a physical evaluation is made, followed by a semen test to analyze the volume, concentration, and motility of sperm.

After these medical studies, the treatment with ovarian stimulation through hormones begins, which will be controlled by the doctor until the growth of 1 to 2 ovarian follicles is achieved. Once the follicles have reached a diameter of 17-18 mm, ovulation is induced with the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone. Ovulation will begin 36 hours later, which will be the right time for the couple to have intercourse as the woman will be at the peak of her fertile window.



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