Uterus Transplant

What Is a Uterus Transplant (UTx)?

Uterus transplantation – also known as womb transplant – is one of the most impressive advances in fertility medicine. It consists of the implantation of a healthy uterus in the body of a patient who does not have one or suffers from infertility due to related diseases so that she can gestate and carry out a pregnancy.



  • Pre – Procedure

Various studies are required from the patients (both donor and recipient) to confirm a good state of health. Meanwhile, an in vitro fertilization takes place to create embryos, which will be frozen for preservation.

  • Process

The uterus is transplanted; the doctor will carefully follow up with the recipient to make sure that the procedure is successful.

  • Post – Procedure

After the transplant, the patient will begin an immunosuppressive drug regimen. This treatment will help prevent the body from rejecting the new uterus; this medicine is similar to that used on transplants of other organs.

  • Pregnancy

Once the healing period has passed and the patient is in optimal health, fertility treatment will begin. Once pregnancy is achieved, the patient will be monitored by our team of high-risk pregnancy doctors. The delivery will be via cesarean section (C-section) at approximately 37-39 weeks of gestation. Later, the uterus will be removed to avoid complications.

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Who Is a Candidate For a Uterus Transplant?

Women with the following characteristics:

  • Overall good health.
  • No smoking habits.
  • No history of diabetes.
  • Between the ages of 21 and 40.
  • Diagnosed with uterine infertility.
  • Born without a uterus.


Uterus Transplant: What Are The Risks?

The main risk is a rejection of the uterus, however, this can be detected early. The advantage of this type of transplant is that it is temporary, that is, the urethral device is placed for a short period of time to fulfill the desired function and is subsequently removed. Unlike other organs, such as the liver or the heart, the uterus is not vital to the human being beyond its reproductive function.

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